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"Worker professor" Dou Tiecheng: spread love to the railway (II)

[bright]: amazing "expert worker"

Dou Tiecheng has only a junior high school degree, but he has learned a lot of electricity by himself, and has written down more than 60 work and study Diaries of more than one million words. During his 28 years of work, he proposed to implement design changes for 6 times, solve 52 technical problems, and eliminate power transmission and operation faults for 310 times, creating and saving value of 13.8 million yuan for the enterprise. They are called "power experts" by colleagues

although he is an ordinary power worker, he has rich practical experience and superb skills due to his unique plasticity and elastic quality. In 28 years, 38 railway substations and distribution stations installed in charge of

have passed the one-time acceptance, succeeded in one-time power transmission, and obtained high-quality projects. He once boldly questioned the rationality of the design of imported equipment and successfully eliminated the transformer fault, which amazed French experts: Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is, after all, a manufacturer specializing in the production of experimental machines. "Chinese workers are amazing!"

Dou Tiecheng's learning perseverance is amazing.

following Dou Tiecheng's growth path, constantly updating knowledge, catching up with the times, and standing in the forefront forever are his remarkable characteristics. In the 28 years of highly mobile and scattered environment with extremely difficult work and life, he has never relaxed his pursuit of new knowledge of power. In the spirit of seizing the day, he has diligently pursued in the ocean of knowledge, and has completed the leap from a practical, skilled and knowledgeable worker

Dou Tiecheng was born in a farmhouse on the Weihe River in Shaanxi Province. In 1979, at the age of 23, Dou Tiecheng finally realized a dream and entered the ranks of power workers in the electric service company of China Railway First Bureau. He secretly vowed to be a good electrician

In September, 1980, Dou Tiecheng was admitted to the electric power technology training class of the bureau with excellent results. He wrote excitedly to his wife, telling her to undertake all housework and concentrate on her study. The training course is dozens of kilometers away from his home, and after seven months of training, Dou Tiecheng never went home, except for the Spring Festival, even in the busy autumn harvest season. On Sunday, other students went out to visit relatives and friends, but Dou Tiecheng was alone in the classroom, studying silently. Upon graduation, Dou Tiecheng stood out and got the highest score in the single subject examination of electric power. In just one year, Dou tie became a skilled power worker

In 1983, Dou Tiecheng and his colleagues undertook the construction of tuozitou substation of Beijing Qinhuangdao railway, a national key project. This is the first large substation he came into contact with. All kinds of technical drawings add up to an inch and a half thick. Without engineering and technical personnel, Dou Tiecheng took the initiative to lift the girder. He bought professional reference books and settled down to study hard. After work, in the middle of the night, despite fatigue, he shut himself in the spare voltage regulator room, analyzing and interpreting drawings, lines and nodes. During the work break, the workmates sat down to rest, but he was holding a water cup in one hand, checking whether the overflow valve piston was dead or installed upside down, constantly writing and drawing, repeatedly calculating and pondering. Late at night, with a dry bun in his mouth and a technical book in his hand, he often stayed up all night, but he still fought at the work site with vigorous energy the next day. Under his leadership, this project won the silver medal of national high-quality project

no diploma but no knowledge

in order to master multiple skills, Dou Tiecheng taught himself professional books related to electricity, such as sheet metal technology, fitter technology, mechanical drawing, etc. In order to become a qualified power worker with profound knowledge and superb skills, Dou Tiecheng began to self-study many university professional books related to power

from electromagnetic protection to transistor protection, from microcomputer interlocking protection to four electric integrated protection, China's power transformation and distribution stations have experienced several upgrades, all of which have been caught up by Dou Tiecheng. It is amazing that in the era of rapid changes in science and technology and continuous updating of knowledge, Dou Tiecheng has always been in the spirit of seizing the day to catch up with the times, constantly updating his knowledge, and becoming the leader of the unit in mastering new technology

knowledge gives Dou Tiecheng wisdom and strength. During the construction of Xikang railway, all aluminum plates with different specifications of hundreds of meters in Qinling substation need to be processed into connecting wires with different lengths and angles. The traditional practice is not good. Dou Tiecheng developed a set of nest benders, which improves the work efficiency by nearly five times. For the power cable joint, he proposed to use the construction technology of sealing the turnout with epoxy resin and wrapping it with polyethylene, which increased the quality rate of the head from 80% to 90% and the work efficiency by 10 times

during the commissioning and construction of the equipment of the Tai Gan expressway, a switch on the equipment kept abnormal tripping. After repeated comparison, careful study, and consulting the technical data, Dou Tiecheng boldly changed the small capacity switch to the large capacity switch. Another focus of attention in October is October 15. At the beginning, foreign experts who came to investigate expressed doubts about this modification. Later, after his personal test, the technical indicators fully met the design requirements, and the foreign experts raised their thumbs and shouted, "good! Good!" "Chinese workers are amazing!"

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