Professor HuoMei invented distribution fault predi

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Professor Mei invented the distribution fault prediction technology: it can prevent power failure, electric shock and fire prevention

the National Energy Administration issued a detailed report on the accident in September 2019. 1. Overall, in September 2019, there were no major power casualties, no power equipment accidents, and no hydropower in the power system in the country

this year, China home appliance Co., Ltd. proposed the construction goal of "three types, two, world-class", and China Southern Power Co., Ltd. also proposed the strategic concept of "Digital South", a new era of "interconnection of everything and human-computer interaction"

power equipment: the evolution of power investment structure and the improvement of valuation of leading enterprises in the industrial chain. Market Review: the growth rate of power equipment industry slows down and the evolution of power investment structure. The overall growth rate of the power equipment industry further slowed down, and the monthly electricity investment

according to the national standard formulation and revision plan issued by the National Standards Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology has organized and completed the formulation of two mandatory national standards, the national technical code for safety of electrical equipment and the automotive incident data recording system

according to the Ministry of industry and information technology station, industry 3) sample length: in order to obtain a large range of maximum stress isosurface and xinguobin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of information technology, recently presided over a symposium on transformer energy efficiency improvement to understand the transformer R & D, production, promotion and Application and energy efficiency improvement. Xin Guobin stressed that energy conservation is to promote

the power safety supervision department of the National Energy Administration recently released the "National Energy Administration announces the national power safety production situation in June 2019". In June 2019, there were 4 power casualties and 4 deaths nationwide, with year-on-year accidents

in may, there were 6 electric personal casualty accidents, 7 deaths and 2 serious injuries in the country. The same as (2) whether the relative forward and return travel difference of static torque indication is 1 less than the number of accidents and 1 less than the number of deaths in subsequent verification. Among them, there were 6 casualty accidents, 7 deaths, and a year-on-year number of casualties caused by factors such as the parting surface, gate situation, and size of the personal mold for power production that directly affected the material flow direction, density distribution, pressure maintaining and feeding effect, and molding time

on July 23, Changgao group announced that four wholly-owned subsidiaries of the company won a total of 480million yuan in the bidding of three major categories of products, including national electric composite appliances, disconnectors and switchgear, accounting for 45.6% of the company's consolidated operating revenue in 2018

with the record high power load in summer, the requirements for the safe operation level of power equipment are becoming more and more strict. A few days ago, led by Hebei Electric Power Co., Ltd. and jointly developed by Hebei Electric Power Research Institute and Cangzhou Power Supply Company

announcement of winning the bid for the third material bidding procurement of Gansu Electric Power Company in 2019 (bidding No.: gw271903)

on May 28, China home appliance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") released eight measures of "four openness and four cooperation" to further strengthen the opening and cooperation of scientific and technological innovation. About the public solicitation of new technologies for the whole society (New...

recently, the Department of power safety supervision of the National Energy Administration released the accident analysis report for the first quarter of 2019. First, overall, in the first quarter of 2019, there was no major or above electric power personal casualty accident in the country, and there was no major or above electric power equipment...

recently, the National Energy Administration issued an accident notification for April 2019. In April, there were 6 electric personal casualty accidents and 9 deaths in the country. First, overall, there was no accident in April There were more than major power casualties, and there was no accident

spring fatigue testing machine what kind of good fatigue test is it? How is it carried out?

the National Energy Administration announced the power safety accident information bulletin in March 2019

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