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Professional selection of temperature and humidity sensors Mr. Ding Xiaoning, the chief representative of Austria Yijiayi company in China, believes that the biggest role of MICONEX e+e company is to enable e+e company to have a direct perceptual understanding of the changes and development of the Chinese market in the instrument industry, and to have first-hand information on the competition in the Chinese market

e+e company's theme of this exhibition on the maintenance of experimental machines in Jinan experimental machine factory is "serving customers". Mr. Ding Xiaoning elaborated on the deeper meaning of "service". The "service" referred to here does not simply refer to the maintenance of products and other after-sales services, but also includes a large number of customers, including domestic manufacturers of temperature and humidity sensors, to jointly exchange foreign advanced production technology and management experience. In short, what e+e company brings to China is not only products, but also its advanced production technology and management concepts, which e+e company is very happy to share with domestic customers and integrate into the connotation of "service"

in the interview, Ding Xiaoning didn't blindly choose to survive just because of the so-called high cost performance, especially introduced a new system established by e+e company in hardware construction. Since this year, e+e company has established a complete set of calibration and maintenance system for humidity measurement products in the Shanghai Representative Office, and sincerely expects domestic customers to come to compare and calibrate humidity measurement products

e+e company mainly exhibited ee32/33 series industrial temperature and humidity transmitter and humor20 double pressure humidity transmitter developed by itself at this exhibition. Ee32/33 series temperature and humidity transmitter has its unique technical advantages in the industrial environment with high humidity and corrosive gases. Humor20 double pressure humidity generator has been recognized by the National Institute of metrology. The weighing method is the national first-class humidity measurement standard according to the weight change of the sample before and after the experiment. It has been selected as a humidity measuring instrument by measuring institutes in many provinces and cities

talking about the future development, Mr. Ding Xiaoning said that as a professional manufacturer of temperature and humidity sensors, e+e company will focus on the research and development of high-end products in the future. At the same time, in the measurement of other parameters related to the indoor environment, such as carbon dioxide and wind speed. High end products will also be launched in succession. E+e company will develop products more suitable for the Chinese market

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