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CNR wants to cooperate with China's high-speed rail or appear with "one voice"

CNR wants to cooperate with China's high-speed rail or appear with "one voice"

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recently, the Shanghai Stock Exchange revealed that CNR, CSR and times new materials, a company under CSR group, were temporarily suspended for one day due to important matters. Due to the high expectation of the market for the integration of CNR and CSR, the suspension of trading of several companies at the same time stirred up the nerves of the market again, and some high-speed rail stocks rose on the news

in the evening, the three companies issued announcements on the suspension of planned major events, which made the market believe that China's high-speed rail was performing a big play of "going to sea in full"

the wording of the suspension announcement is the same

in the evening, CNR and CSR respectively issued the same announcement: the company plans to plan a major event. In view of the significant uncertainty of the event, in order to ensure fair information disclosure, safeguard the interests of investors, and avoid abnormal fluctuations in the company's stock price, the company's shares have been suspended since October 27, so it is necessary to check the sealing performance of the equipment before using it. The company will determine whether to carry out the above major matters as soon as possible, and will announce and resume trading within 5 working days (including the day of suspension) from the date of suspension

times new material said that it had received a notice from the company's holding stock CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute Co., Ltd. that its parent company CSR Corporation Limited ("CSR") planned to plan major events. The trading of the company's shares has been suspended since October 27

a person close to CSR told that the integration of CSR and CNR is an inevitable trend, but another listed company under CSR group, which has been suspended before, will strongly promote the industrial and urban upgrading of all Chanxi new town, and its relevance is small. It was also the first time to get a reply from southbound Huitong: "the suspension of the company is mainly to plan for asset restructuring, and the company is unaware of the suspension of CSR and CNR. The integration of CSR and CNR is expected to have no impact on the reorganization of the company at present."

another noteworthy detail is that the activity of "entering listed companies - CNR" scheduled to be held by the Shanghai Stock Exchange on Friday has been cancelled. Investors who had signed up to participate in the survey told: "because the company's temporary suspension is in a sensitive period, the exchange and the company canceled the survey in time. It can be seen that the suspension is not trivial." "I personally tend to support the integration of CSR and CNR. Not only that, I think China Railway Construction and China railway should be merged, so that we can 7. Force measurement method: load sensor force measurement; avoid 'internal friction', which is conducive to the expansion of China's high-speed rail in the overseas market." Wang Mengshu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, has always been outspoken, and his enthusiasm for China's high-speed rail has always been the same

"integration is not the purpose, and preventing vicious competition is the key." A person close to China Railway Corporation also told Shanghai Securities News

some insiders pointed out that in the process of domestic high-speed railway construction, the "palm of the hand and the back of the hand" are all meat. Even if CSR and CNR maliciously depress the price each other, the profits will remain in their own hands. The senior management may not have to worry too much about this. However, in the process of "going out" of China's high-speed rail, vicious competition is not only a dispute over profits, but also related to the overall competitiveness of China's high-speed rail. How to prevent the vicious competition between CSR and CNR in overseas markets has been put on the agenda as a major topic

once "lost both sides" overseas

CSR and CNR were first subordinate to the Ministry of railways. In 2000, the Ministry of Railways decoupled the former China railway locomotive and rolling stock industry corporation with colorless and highly transparent self-healing characteristics from the Ministry of Railways and divided it into China Southern Locomotive and Rolling Stock Industry Group Corporation and China Northern Locomotive and Rolling Stock Industry Group Corporation. At the same time, 40 railway rolling stock factories and research institutes all over the country were divided into two. 20 units including Beijing Erqi, Datong, Changchun, Dalian, Xi'an, Qiqihar, Taiyuan and Lanzhou were assigned to CNR, and the rest more locomotive and rolling stock factories distributed in the South were assigned to CSR

"the northern market belongs to CNR, and the southern market belongs to CSR". At that time, the natural geographical segmentation and market segmentation made the problems of CSR and CNR not very prominent. However, with the increasing overseas business of the two companies, the problem of vicious competition in the international market has become increasingly prominent

in recent years, the adverse effects caused by the vicious competition between CSR and CNR have gradually emerged. For example, in January, 2011, the Turkish locomotive project was tendered, and CSR and CNR pressed each other's prices. China CNR bid at a price that was almost unprofitable, but the final order was snatched away by a Korean company; In January, 2013, CSR and CNR went to Argentina to participate in the procurement bidding of its EMUs. When CNR was the first to win the bid, CSR offered us $1.27 million per vehicle - at that time, the average quotation of other companies was US $2million per vehicle. According to CNR people, this price can't make money. On May 27th, 2013, CSR announced again that it had signed a 2.256 billion yuan EMU contract with Argentina. It is revealed that the unit price is close to US $1million/vehicle. In this regard, industry insiders use "both lose" to evaluate

preventing vicious competition is a necessary option

Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in the "several issues on deepening economic system reform" published in the "truth seeking" magazine that through reform, we should drive the export of China's products, technologies, standards and services. We should not only make Chinese products and made in China go to the world, but also make Chinese equipment and created in China go to the world and become famous all over the world. Of course, "going out" cannot kill each other and disrupt the war. We should strengthen coordination, standardize order and form full strength. The relevant discussions have revealed policy ideas

on the other hand, recently, high-level visits have frequently "promoted" China's high-speed rail, and China's high-speed rail has also made major breakthroughs in overseas markets. Among them, on October 13, 2014, China and Russia signed a memorandum of cooperation on high-speed rail to promote the construction of a Eurasian high-speed transport corridor from Beijing to Moscow; On the evening of October 23, CNR announced that the Massachusetts Transportation Bureau of the United States announced that CNR had won the bid for the Boston metro vehicle procurement project and would provide 284 metro vehicles with us $556.6 million, which was the first large-scale contract for Chinese rail transit equipment manufacturing enterprises in the United States

China's high-speed rail has become a "business card" in high-level visits, and has also become a leader in "going to sea" made in China. In this context, it is particularly urgent to solve the vicious competition between CSR and CNR. Of course, as insiders have pointed out, for CSR and CNR, "integration is not the purpose, and preventing vicious competition is the key." For this reason, some insiders suggested that the integration of CSR and CNR is not a necessary option, and the practice of dividing overseas regions can also be considered to alleviate the vicious competition between CSR and CNR

in fact, there have been rumors about the integration of CSR and CNR for a long time. The most recent one was on September 4 this year. According to media reports, SASAC is pushing CSR and CNR to re integrate into one company, so that China's high-speed rail technology can be better exported overseas. The report led to the temporary suspension of trading of shares of four companies, including CSR, CNR, Shidai Xincai and southbound Huitong

this time, it's obviously different. With the suspension of CSR, CNR and other companies at the same time, China's high-speed rail has also entered a stage of intense preparation for the "whole set sail"

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