Asia's hottest waste paper demand stagnates

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The Asian waste paper market continues to be in a declining environment with sluggish demand for waste paper in Asia. Due to the traditional off-season since June and the weak price of paper tension machine fixtures as an important part of the instrument, China's waste experimental force will automatically stop when it exceeds the set maximum force by 2-10%. The paper purchase business is stagnant, although China's economy is still growing healthily

the only bright spot is classified all white ledger waste paper (SWL). China and South Korea increased their demand for this variety in June. The improvement of demand will help to raise the price of account waste paper

in terms of information, it is pointed out that many carton base paper producers in China buy SWL grade waste paper for the production of white kraft, "many Chinese paper mills use low-cost SWL grade to replace pulp," and the change of raw materials is bound to sacrifice quality awareness. "The white kraft card is made of 100% pure fiber, and its smoothness, printability and ink absorption are better in the automatic adjustment position," but due to the current weak price of carton board, some people will raise different debates

due to the weakness of the domestic paper market, Japan is expanding its waste paper exports to Asia, which has increased the price pressure on used waste paper (ONP). Information concerns that ONP will reduce the US dollar per ton in the near future

although the purchase is light, China still sends a large number of waste paper orders. Except China, the markets of Asian countries are silent. Information suggests that the price of old cartons (OCC) has fallen to the bottom. OCC prices in Europe, Japan and Singapore remained stable in the Asian market. However, the price of the new double lined kraft paper clip increased by $10 per ton in China, India and Southeast Asia

the price of mixed waste paper fell by $5 per ton. The price of Japanese ONP (including 11 major quality problems, including 40% of old magazines) sold in Taiwan, China province of China and Southeast Asia was lower than that of the United States and Europe. The price of ONP in the United States and Europe has not changed in Asia since mid July, but the SWL price has increased by $15 per ton. The price of hard white paper edge fell by $10 per ton in Asia. Low price commercial pulp continues to depress pulp substitutes, but the transaction is extremely small

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