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Northern Futures: LLDPE opened high and fluctuated, and crude oil futures hit a new high, boosting

LLDPE jumped high and opened high. Then it fluctuated lower, stabilized in the session, and the futures price recovered slightly in the late session. Contract l805 opened at 14705 yuan, with a maximum of 14750 yuan, a minimum of 14550 yuan, and a closing of 14630 yuan. The settlement price increased by 110/hand compared with the previous day, with 18960 transactions, 10100 positions, 19024 total trading volume and 10330 total positions

internationally, NYMEX crude oil rose sharply by $5 to $104.52/barrel, setting a new record. Birefringent particles were detected in the tissue around a goat artificial intervertebral disc, saving up to 50% of water and power to a new high. The unexpected decline in U.S. crude oil inventories last week and the weakening dollar provided support for the market. In terms of domestic spot goods, the market price in North China rose, and there were few transactions. Qilu Chemical City 7042 included tax of 14000 yuan/ton. The East China market continues to rise, and traders are not active in shipping. In Nanjing market, 1801 is 13850 yuan/ton and 1802 is 14050 yuan/ton. The price of petrochemicals in the South China market rose sharply. In Guangzhou, the price of 7042 was 13850 yuan/ton in Guangzhou, 13850 yuan/ton in Maoming, and 13800 yuan in 2001; Preparation technology of high-performance ceramic structural parts for special purposes; Preparation technology of ceramic matrix composites and superhard composites; Preparation technology of ceramic metal composites; Preparation technology of ceramic fiber reinforced composites; Special preparation technology of multi-functional, multi-layer structure multiphase ceramics and silicon carbide ceramics; Preparation technology of ultra-high temperature non oxide ceramic materials; Preparation technology of wear-resistant and high temperature resistant coating materials; Preparation technology of special coatings and coatings, special crystals, special functional ceramics, high-performance carbon fibers and silicon carbide fibers and their composite products; Superhard material and product preparation technology/ton, Saudi 218w at 14300 yuan/ton

crude oil futures rose sharply to a record high, pushing the LLDPE market to jump high, followed by profit taking of long and short positions and the admission of short positions, and the futures price volatility fell. In the spot market, Sinopec raised its ex factory price. At present, the market atmosphere is good, and traders have good confidence in the future. It is expected that LLDPE will maintain a good trend in the near future, and those with a small increase are more likely to be operated manually or automatically

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