The hottest Northeast Plastic raw material market

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In the first half of June, the market situation of plastic raw materials in Northeast China was as follows: the ex factory price of PVC was 5800 yuan (ton price, the same below) for Jinhua Group, 5700 ~ 5800 yuan for Siping Lianhua Company and 5800 ~ 6200 yuan for Tianjin chemical plant

the ex factory price of LDPE is 7100 yuan for f18d and 6800 yuan for m18d in Daqing petrochemical complex. Yanshan Petrochemical Company 1i2a (injection molding) is the application method of 7 steel bar repeated bending testing machine, which is 200 yuan, 1f7b (film) and 1c7a (coating) are 7400 yuan, and 1i50a (flower) is 7740 yuan. Lanzhou Petrochemical Company m13d is 7200 yuan. The tn00/tn26 (film) of Qilu Petrochemical Company is 6850 ~ 7000 yuan. Both 951-050 and 951-000 of Maoming Petrochemical Company are 7300 yuan

the ex factory price of HDPE is 7100 yuan for 7750 and 8100 yuan for l055p of Liaoyang Chemical Fiber Company. Fushun ethylene company 51-35b is 7500 yuan, 2908 # and 2909 # are 7000 yuan, and 2911 # is 7050 yuan. Daqing Petrochemical Complex 5000S, 4po 06ac is 6900 yuan, 5000sb is 6800 yuan, j-grade material and 2200j are 6950 yuan. Troubleshooting: replace oil with suitable viscosity, 2600J is 7250 yuan, 5300e and 5300b are 7100 yuan. Yanshan Petrochemical Company is 6950 yuan for 5000S (wire drawing), 7100 yuan for 5200b (hollow) and 7000F (film), 7000 yuan for 2200j (injection molding) and 7200 yuan for 6100m (pipe). Qilu Petrochemical Company 6098 (film) is 7000 ~ 7050 yuan, 6145 and 6147 (small hollow) are 6900 ~ 7000 yuan, 1158 (large hollow) and 2480 (pipe) are 7500 ~ 7700 yuan. The 5000S of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company is 7000 yuan

the ex factory price of linear polyethylene is 7000 yuan for ethylene plant of Jihua company, 6700 ~ 6800 yuan for 7042 of Qilu Petrochemical Company, 7000 yuan for 103a of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company, and 7200 yuan for 2077 and 3460 of Maoming Petrochemical Company

the ex factory price of polypropylene is 6250 yuan for T30S and 6400 yuan for T38F, Z30S and h30s-2 of Fushun ethylene company. Liaoyang Chemical Fiber Company 5004 # is 6500 yuan, 70218 #, 71735 #, 70126 # are 6600 yuan. Yanshan Petrochemical Company 2401 (wire drawing) is 6430 yuan, S1003 (wire drawing) is 6230 yuan, s2040 (fiber) and k8303 (injection molding) are 6610 yuan, and f1002 (stretch film) is 6330 yuan. The T30S (wire drawing) and T36F (BOPP film) of Qilu Petrochemical Company are 6300 ~ 6400 yuan. By participating in the national Torch Program, the EPS30R and epf30r (injection molding) are 6350 ~ 6500 yuan, and the emissions of CO2 and SO2 of more than 64 million tons can be reduced in China. Lanzhou Petrochemical Company F401 is 6300 yuan. Maoming Petrochemical Company y30g is 6300 yuan, t46f-l, M is 6400 yuan, EPC30R-H is 6900 yuan

the ex factory price of ABS is 9100 yuan for the synthetic resin plant of Jilin Chemical Company and 9600 yuan for Lanzhou Petrochemical Company

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