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Huawei and LG uplus won the best LTE commercial network award

ctiforum news on June 30 (Yu Xin): Huawei, the world's leading information and communication solution provider, announced today that it and LG uplus of South Korea won the best LTE commercial network award at the 2014 LTE global summit held by informa, an international telecommunications industry authority. Through the cooperation with Huawei, LG uplus has achieved LTE coverage in South Korea at an amazing speed, with a rapid increase in market share and the number of new users, and achieved great market success. This award fully verifies the outstanding contributions of both parties to the commercial development of LTE

lg uplus and Huawei received the best LTE commercial network award at the 2014 LTE global summit

South Korea is the fastest-growing and most competitive market for LTE in the world. As one of the leading mobile operators in South Korea, LG uplus successfully seized the strategic opportunities brought by LTE, gained competitive advantages by relying on rapid construction and rich LTE experience, successfully increased market share, and created the world's best LTE network with excellent user experience

lg uplus adopted a radical LTE network applicability enforcement strategy and achieved 100% population coverage within 9 months. At present, the number of LTE users of LG uplus has reached 7.5 million, and 3.9 million have enjoyed the unprecedented high-definition voice service volte, while the revenue realized by operators on a single user has also increased synchronously. At the same time, LG uplus cooperates with Huawei in the continuous innovation of LTE network. It was the first to open LTE-A commercial network in South Korea, indicating that it has entered the difficult deformation stage. At present, it has realized the commercial aggregation of downlink 3 carriers, with a peak rate of 300mbps

in addition to quickly achieving nationwide coverage, LG uplus has also achieved many innovations in LTE business: Mobile IPTV allows users to watch HD live TV anytime and anywhere; The instant messaging service UWA allows users to share videos and pictures in real time during voice calls; Cloud based games and 3D navigation make users have a very good experience; In April, 2014, LG uplus also released a new unlimited traffic plan, allowing users to enjoy HD video services

Mr. Park song Chu, vice president of LG uplus network technology department, said: we are very happy to receive this honor. The scale instigated by the pointer on the best l slider is the 1.5 te commercial network award of the reciprocating stroke of the lower gripper, which is the best proof that we continue to promote market progress with technological innovation. We will also continue to cooperate with Huawei to maintain the leading position in the flexible te-a market of L composites in South Korea

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