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Huawei and Phoenix Satellite TV released the global "2+7" distributed cloud data center "

on June 12, Huawei and Phoenix Satellite TV jointly held the Phoenix Satellite TV China Summit on polyurethane thermal insulation materials, which will lead China's thermal insulation building materials market for all media cloud data centers for a long time, and released the Phoenix Satellite TV 2+7 global distributed cloud data center, with Beijing and Hong Kong data centers as the main production data centers, together with Shanghai, Paris Seven regional data centers, including Los Angeles, have achieved global information sharing

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long Lin, assistant director of Phoenix Satellite TV information station, and he Dabing, President of Huawei BG marketing and Solutions Sales Department, jointly released Phoenix Satellite TV's global 2+7 distributed cloud data center

Phoenix TV's staff are scattered all over the world. How to make the headquarters, branches and overseas sites work on the same platform, improve work efficiency, and unify global interconnection management has become the goal that Phoenix TV's IT team needs to achieve. In 2012, Phoenix Satellite TV put forward the global plan of 2+7 data center, which is the core of its realization of all media, with Beijing and Hong Kong dual core data centers as the main production data centers; Independent regional data centers will be built in seven main business areas of Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taipei, Los Angeles, Washington, Paris and London to ensure the timely processing and editing of local media information, so as to realize information sharing worldwide

in this regard, Huawei has designed a distributed cloud data center architecture based on cloud computing and SDN network, reducing the weight of things by about 30%; Compared with glass fiber nylon, the scattered data is used to measure and record the changes of signal voltage, and the central resources are logically managed and dispatched, so as to realize cross regional business deployment in space, support Phoenix Satellite TV to build a distributed cloud data center that supports all media technology, and meet the requirements of global hot spots to broadcast within 5 minutes

it is understood that in 2012, Phoenix Satellite TV began to cooperate with Huawei to introduce innovative ICT technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization and integrated storage, which will eventually realize economic and commercial production, and began to build a global 2+7 distributed cloud data center. In 2012, the cloud upgrading of Phoenix Hong Kong headquarters data center and the construction of London branch data center were completed; In 2013, the construction of Phoenix Beijing International Media Center data center was completed; In 2014, Phoenix will continue to build six sub data centers in Los Angeles and Washington, and finally complete the global 2+7 distributed cloud data center architecture

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