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On June 1st, 2017, the exchange Seminar on promoting education balance and improving education quality through educational informatization was successfully held in Yuxi, Yunnan Province. One of the most eye-catching highlights of this meeting is that Huawei and polar jointly released the cloud classroom solution during the release of the basic education informatization industrial ecosystem alliance. The release of cloud classroom has further strengthened the overall cooperation between teaching terminals and education cloud and network pipelines in Huawei's cloud management strategy, achieved the last kilometer of smart education, and comprehensively armed the classroom with digitalization

with the support of cloud computing, IOT and other technologies, the traditional teacher centered education mode in primary and secondary schools is changing, and student-centered constructive learning, intelligent teaching, cloud teaching and learning analysis are overturning the traditional education based on fixed classrooms, fixed teachers and fixed courses. The 13th five year plan for the development of national education clearly states that it is necessary to continue to promote the construction and application of three links and two platforms, promote the universal opening and sharing of digital education resources, integrate and optimize the classroom of Huawei polar cloud, teaching interaction, teaching management, teaching evaluation and lesson preparation after class, achieve efficient teaching, deeply integrate information technology and education and teaching, promote the construction of smart classroom, and achieve innovative, high-quality and balanced education

Huawei polar cloud classroom joint solution release

Tong Yong, CEO of Nanjing polar Information Technology Co., Ltd., said that with the advocacy of new concepts such as ubiquitous learning, flipped classroom, Internet + and so on, more and more educational information equipment came into being; Among them, carbon nanotubes have good electrical performance, and the desktop cloud has many advantages. Huawei desktop cloud has great advantages in centralized management, centralized application deployment, operation and maintenance, etc. While Jiyu has focused on Teaching in class for more than ten years, and is the leading brand in the electronic classroom market. The electronic classroom products have been recognized by the majority of customers. This time, Jiyu has invested the best R & D resources in the cloud classroom joint solution, and has made in-depth optimization in screen broadcasting, desktop monitoring, classroom testing and other functions, striving to achieve the best application experience and create a perfect cloud classroom solution. Tong Yong said in response to the release of the basic education informatization industry ecological alliance that in recent years, China's investment in education informatization has gradually increased, and there is a great need for Chinese leading enterprises such as Huawei to establish an ecological alliance, so that each enterprise in the alliance can do what they are good at, so that social investment is not repeated and resources are not wasted. Schools will also easily choose a package solution. Education informatization has a long way to go. I hope that colleagues involved in education will continue to maintain childlike innocence, maintain their thirst for future exploration, and promote the vigorous development of China's education informatization

Tong Yong, CEO of Nanjing Jiyu Information Technology Co., Ltd.

ZHENG Xiaoguang, general manager of Huawei desktop cloud field, made a detailed introduction to the cloud classroom solution. In the future, educational resources will be gradually migrated to the cloud, and teachers and students will access resources in the cloud through various terminals such as PC, and pad; Huawei's desktop cloud products currently cover more than 50 countries, with more than 1300 (d1+ D2)> 13 o'clock customers whose size deviation and appearance quality are unqualified, and have achieved the first market share in China. Huawei desktop cloud is an open ecosystem with strong compatibility, supporting more than 1800 business systems, more than 200 peripherals, and more than 20 terminals. Huawei desktop cloud continues to invest in the education industry. It can meet various scenarios such as office, teaching and scientific research through a cloud, and has been widely used in the field of education, such as Xi'an Jiaotong University, Huazhong University of science and technology, Chongqing University of Posts and telecommunications and other universities, as well as primary and secondary schools such as Beijing No. 35 middle school, Suzhou foreign language school, Shanghai middle school and so on. This time, Huawei and Jiyu will jointly build a cloud classroom solution, which has the following unique advantages: centralized management, unified operation and maintenance, and support the full cloudization of teacher computers and student computers; It can be accessed anytime and anywhere, and teachers can prepare lessons and correct homework in the office or at home; Using full memory desktop technology and HDP self-developed desktop protocol, it has fast startup, good experience and protects students' eyesight

ZHENG Xiaoguang, general manager of Huawei's desktop cloud field

in the scene exhibition hall of basic education innovation of more than 300 square meters, the cloud classroom booth has built a real teaching experience environment, which perfectly demonstrates the convenience, ease of use and worry of cloud classroom solutions, making it possible to teach smarter in class

Huawei will adhere to the concept of ecology + platform, establish an ecological alliance in the basic education industry, cooperate with ecological partners to continuously incubate innovative solutions based on the needs of basic education customers, and jointly provide customers with high-quality and highly reliable products and services. Huawei has always advocated to help the informatization construction of the national three links and two platforms through the cloud management strategy, so as to achieve innovative, high-quality and balanced education; For the campus of primary and secondary schools, it is proposed to build a smart campus of primary and secondary schools, build a full process education interaction platform with the classroom as the core, which is the place where knowledge is finally received, and realize the comprehensive digital interaction of internal teaching in the classroom that may cause vibration or pipeline leakage, so as to achieve a smart classroom

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