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Huawei 5g MEC solution won the "best edge computing technology" award

[London, UK, September 24, 2019] recently, at the 2019 London edge computing global summit, Huawei 5g MEC solution won the best edge computing technology award. Huawei has won this honor for three consecutive years, which is a full affirmation of the continuous innovation and achievements of Huawei MEC technology

huchunzhe (left), vice president of Huawei's grouping core product line, accepted the award

Huawei 5g MEC solution is based on connectivity + computing collaboration, high-performance heterogeneous hardware and mec open platform, helping operators create extreme business experience and build marginal new businesses. Based on the ability of connection + computing collaboration, MEC and integration collaborate to dynamically allocate and adjust network resources, so as to provide the full deterministic experience of the application support center, and realize a little innovation. The principle of the communication power off fatigue life experimental machine communication power off experimental system is fundamentally similar to that of DC. B) Electromechanical is the horsepower replication of oil pump. High performance heterogeneous hardware uses Huawei's self-developed Kunpeng processor and switch free architecture, and integrates hardware acceleration capabilities such as GPU, NP and AI to achieve high performance, high integration and low power consumption. MEC open platform, code free integration of CT services and multi industry applications, to achieve one-stop integration, one box instead of one, and the business is quickly launched

huchunzhe, vice president of Huawei's grouping core product line, said: it's a great honor for Huawei 5g MEC to win the best edge computing technology award. As one of the most important capabilities of 5g core, MEC will realize the synergy between application and pipeline, which will bring great economic value to operators. The development of new material industry in 2017 will open a new journey. As the promoter of MEC industry and the forerunner of 5g technology, Huawei will continue to increase investment, continuously improve technical capabilities, and strive to become the best partner for operators to build MEC

5g era has come. Based on new experience, scientists believe that almost every piece of plastic produced exists in a certain situation in a certain place, and the edge is the convergence point of multiple services and scenes. In order to quickly expand from 2c to diversified 2B scenarios, Huawei 5g MEC solution will ensure the ultimate user experience, promote cross industry application innovation, and enable thousands of industries

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