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Huawei and Jinzhi jointly released the CTI forum based on fusioncube education solution on April 19 (Li Wenjie): the first 2016 we+ Zhihua Internet campus new ecosystem summit kicked off in Nanjing on April 15. This summit was initiated by Jinzhi education, a well-known domestic university information service provider, and held under the guidance of the education information branch of the society of higher education in China, Leaders from more than 400 colleges and universities across the country, heads of information departments and industry experts gathered here. At the conference, Jinzhi education and Huawei jointly released the

press conference based on Huawei fusioncube super fusion infrastructure. On site

Jinzhi education is the only key software enterprise in the national planning layout of the education industry, and its business covers electronic school affairs, education, collaborative services, mobile campus, etc. The digital campus solution based on Huawei fusioncube is a joint solution launched to meet the construction of smart campus, which is based on Huawei's super fusion infrastructure fusioncube and combines the three platforms of smart teaching, smart management and smart service of Jinzhi, covering senior, secondary and undergraduate customer groups

we+ Education Summit site

at the conference, Wang Feng, head of the markting Department of Huawei data center, made a report on the cloud transformation and new engine of Huawei's fusioncube products, introducing in detail Huawei's understanding of the education industry and the financial, simple and excellent characteristics of the fusioncube tailored by Huawei for the education industry

Wang Feng, head of the markting Department of Huawei data center, made a keynote speech

the joint plan launched by Huawei and Jinzhi is to meet various challenges in the construction of smart campus. In the existing campus system, the pressure of high concurrency business leads to huge system investment, and the huge system leads to the complexity of the system. A manager needs to be responsible for all data center hardware of different brands, resulting in high human investment and poor experience. The campus platform all-in-one machine based on Huawei fusioncube is the best choice for building a smart campus in the future, realizing a unified management platform and safe guarding

campus solutions built with traditional architecture have defects such as complex management, performance bottlenecks, relatively complex expansibility, and high price. While integrated solutions built with super integrated infrastructure have advantages such as linear expansion of performance with capacity, simple expansion, and high cost performance. Since Huawei and Jinzhi started their cooperation in March 2015, they have optimized the configuration, performance, management and other aspects, and deeply bound Jinzhi's software with Huawei's super integrated infrastructure to form a joint brand in the form of an all-in-one machine. Through the pre configuration on the fusioncube, the rapid deployment is completed with the template operation, so that it can be used out of the box and greatly reduce the deployment time. In terms of performance, extreme performance optimization is carried out from the aspects of virtualization, disk i/o, operating system, application architecture, etc., and the optimized performance is improved by more than 50%. By providing a unified interface, the maintenance management is reduced in the way of business, template and strategy standardization, and the in-depth monitoring is carried out with the hardware level API of the all-in-one machine, so as to achieve safe guarding and reduce the requirements for the ability of field engineers. From platform evaluation, model selection, extreme optimization to the in-depth integration of API, Huawei and Jinzhi have carried out in-depth cooperation, and the joint solutions launched can bring efficient and convenient operation experience to customers

the domestic education market is huge. Jinzhi has been deeply involved in the education industry for many years and has a good understanding of the industry. Huawei has a long-term accumulation in the field of infrastructure. This time, the two sides jointly launched a super integrated machine with a self-contained cloud release platform, which has only 5% to 10% torque into the required preload solution. We are very competitive. We are very optimistic about the cooperation between the two sides

Jinzhi education cannot replace each other but can only complement each other, said CEO Shi Mingjie

Huawei fusioncube all-in-one display

the domestic education market has broad prospects. The solution jointly launched by Huawei and Jinzhi this time will well solve the various challenges encountered in the construction of smart campus and digital campus, and promote the optimization and development of the information ecological environment in Colleges and universities

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