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Huawei and Chinatelecom jointly held the IOT seminar

on March 30, Huawei and Chinatelecom jointly held the IOT application seminar in the field of public services in smart cities in Shenzhen, focusing on improving the public service capacity of smart cities through NB IOT technology, and discussed development plans with the China Academy of information and communications and more than 100 water companies, gas companies, meter manufacturers, and platform manufacturers in 25 provinces in China, Build NB IOT smart city ecosystem

with the acceleration of global smart city construction, safety, convenience, green and efficiency have become the development side of future cities. In case of abnormal conditions, it is necessary to protect them immediately. NB IOT technology has the characteristics of wide coverage, low power consumption, large connection and high security. It is more suitable for massive connection and wide deployment. It can be applied to urban public service fields such as water, gas, street lamps and parking, and will shine in the construction of smart cities

Sun Jian, deputy general manager of the government and Enterprise Department of Chinatelecom group, said: as an important part of a smart city, Nb IOT based smart water and smart gas reflect the level of informatization in the field of urban public services. The residue after Chinatelecom's decomposition is still harmful to the environment. Together with Huawei, it will carry out an application pilot with Nb IOT technology, and work with Shenzhen water, Shenzhen gas and other industry partners to carry out comprehensive cooperation in the fields of smart water, smart gas standard formulation, technology research, network construction, business development, business model exploration and so on, so as to jointly promote the informatization construction of water and gas industries

Sun Jian, deputy general manager of the government enterprise customer business department of Chinatelecom group, made a speech

Chinatelecom spared no effort in ecological construction, accelerated the maturity of the terminal industry chain by promoting module standardization, opening laboratory capabilities, providing module subsidies and other measures, built an open platform, and shortened the incubation cycle of new businesses

zhangshunmao, President of Huawei products and solutions marketing and solutions department, said: the terminal chips of Nb IOT independently developed by Huawei have supported large-scale commercial use. 200000 chips can be shipped in April and 1million chips per month in the future

Zhang shunmao, President of Huawei products and solutions marketing and solutions department, delivered a speech.

NB IOT technical standards have matured and developed into the world's mainstream IOT system. Huawei has long cooperated with operators to carry out standard research, carry out research and development and technical upgrading for the four challenges of power consumption, coverage, connection and security in the development of IOT, continue to improve the IOT connection management platform that can adapt to different industry application protocols, and provide a full range of security measures. Futures: iron ore 1505 main contract rose rapidly in the afternoon

Huawei regards IOT as its long-term strategy. So far, Huawei is the only manufacturer in the industry that can provide chips, access network devices and IOT cloud platforms. In 2017, Huawei plans to deploy more than 30 NB IOT networks in more than 20 countries around the world in areas such as smart cities (especially public services), such as Li Qi, President of HONGNA (Dongguan) new material technology Co., Ltd. and winner of the thousand person plan of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee

during the event, Chinatelecom, Shenzhen water and Huawei jointly released the Nb IOT smart water meter white paper. Based on the world's first NB IOT smart water business project jointly released by the three parties a few days ago, the white paper expounds the industry pain points, solutions, practices and prospects, helps the operation transformation and upgrading of the water industry, and promotes the digital construction of new smart cities

nb IOT smart water meter white paper release ceremony

link to NB IOT smart water meter white paper:

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