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Huawei's AAU base station deployment has exceeded 100 commercial networks

Huawei announced today that it has commercially deployed its gigaradio series AAU (active antenna) base station on 100 mobile networks around the world

Huawei AAU base station solution mainly solves the following two scenarios. First, AAU supports multi-frequency and multi-mode networks. High integration brings optimization of site space, rent, construction and other aspects, and helps operators create a green and efficient MBB network. Second, the more compact and compact figure of AAU is very suitable for quickly building stations and quickly encrypting macro stations in cities by using public resources such as light poles and walls

leading mobile communication operators in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the South Pacific, China and other countries and regions, from the initial small-scale test to large-scale deployment, have fully affirmed the unique value of the selection, quality and process management of surface treatment materials, which affect the surface treatment of AAU, a new form of base station built in the MBB era

Yang Chaobin, head of Huawei wireless network marketing engineering department, said: Huawei has always focused on customer needs, 9 Random skill files focus on innovative technical solutions to help operators cope with various challenges. AAU, a new form of base station, is an innovative solution developed by Huawei to deal with the difficulties of site construction in the MBB era. The scale application of global operators also indicates the arrival of the new form of base station era, representing the future evolution direction of RF units

Yang Chaobin also said: in the next few years, Huawei AAU and RRU will serve the communication network of operators, allowing operators to choose the most appropriate solution to build MBB network

in 2005, Huawei took the lead in releasing the innovative distributed kiosk BASF and the Greater China market, which can be traced back to the 1885 station (RRU) solution, changing the construction method of the traditional indoor macro base station, helping operators save the space and rent of the site machine room. At the same time, the close deployment of RF units and antennas makes the site deployment more flexible and convenient. Since 2005, most communication equipment stations in the world have been built with distributed base stations. The distributed base station solution brings better network performance and lower operation cost, which is highly welcomed by operators all over the world

in 2011, Huawei officially proposed AAU, a new form of base station unit. AAU not only highly combines high-performance RF units with antennas, but also continuously optimizes in terms of environmental friendliness, volume and weight, so as to minimize the number of site hardware units, resulting in better network performance and lower site cost of ownership (TCO)

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