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(Huawei) how to use Huawei active noise reduction headset 2 (champagne gold)

Huawei (Huawei) Huawei active noise reduction headset 2 (champagne gold)

ring iron dual unit, active noise reduction, anytime and anywhere to enjoy safety @8, when the maximum value is saved, quiet time

moving iron, surging bass, sharp and crisp treble, the same piece of music, different feelings

feeling after a month of use: now in use. The noise reduction function is good. Turn on noise reduction and listen to music. The person opposite you can't hear anything. In terms of sound quality, I'm not sure because I haven't bought high-end headphones. But it is much better than Huawei 116. Mate9 supports this direct charging, which is a perfect match

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(Huawei) Huawei active noise reduction headset 2 (champagne gold) configuration parameters:

Product Name: huaaoshengde has great development space in the Chinese market. Huawei active noise reduction headset 2 (champagne gold)

Article No.:

gross weight: 260.00g

place of origin: Chinese Mainland

wire control category: wire control

type: headset

wearing method: in ear

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