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Huawei's agile network solution helps the safe operation of Xiamen Metro Line 1

Xiamen, the most important central city along the southeast coast of China, is also a modern international port scenic tourism city. It has a pleasant climate, beautiful scenery and clean environment all year round. It has special honors such as the United Nations Habitat Award, the International Garden City, the National Health City, and China's excellent tourism city. Xiamen has a resident population of nearly 4million people. Due to the geographical location, the population density on the island has reached more than 14000 people per square kilometer, which has surpassed Hong Kong and Singapore. In order to bring a safe, convenient and green public transport environment to the people of the city and solve the problem of convenient travel for residents on the island, the Xiamen municipal government started the construction of Xiamen Rail Transit Line 1 in April 2014

the first phase of Xiamen Metro Line 1 is 30.23 kilometers long, with 24 stations, connecting Siming District, Huli District, Jimei District and other important groups. As the first urban rail transit line in Xiamen, Xiamen Metro Line 1 undertakes the task of building a domestic first-class subway line and accumulating valuable experience for the subsequent construction of Xiamen rail transit, which requires the builders to select appropriate technical solutions according to the actual situation of the line, Ensure the rapid and high-quality completion and smooth operation of Xiamen Metro Line 1. Huawei's digital display electronic experimental machine is suitable for users who only seek force value, tensile strength, compressive strength and other relevant data. As a leading information and communication solution supplier in the world, it fully understands the business demands of each dedicated communication subsystem of Xiamen rail transit. Based on its mature rail transit products and Solutions, it has created a reliable, safe and simple operation and maintenance communication data bearer for Xiamen Metro Line 1

subway operates continuously, and network reliability is the foundation.

as the data bearer of rail transit PIs, CCTV and other business systems, it requires high throughput and high reliability of the network. In order to prevent service interruption caused by single point failure of Metro communication network, Huawei high-end agile switch s12700 is adopted in Xiamen Metro Line 1. Its main control, switching, power supply, fan and other key components are redundant, providing 99.999% high reliability for Xiamen metro network. S12700 provides the second generation switching cluster technology (CSS2). Its master 1+n redundant backup technology can ensure that the whole cluster system still works normally when only one master works, which greatly improves the reliability of the core cluster. In addition, the cluster bandwidth of CSS2 cluster can reach 1.92tbps, which can well meet the requirements of big data forwarding for the energy-saving transformation of old houses required by CCTV system

agile features show magic power, easy operation and maintenance of rail transit network

Xiamen Metro Line 1 has a total of 24 stations, and the communication system equipment is deployed in a wide range, scattered in multiple platforms, control centers and depots. Once there is a network fault, it is difficult to locate and find the problem. At the same time, there are few network operation and maintenance personnel, and the maintenance workload is heavy. In view of these problems, Huawei has adopted the innovative patented technology IPCA packet conservation algorithm and SVF super virtualization scheme, It can't meet the requirements of high stiffness precision spring and help customers completely solve the operation and maintenance problems

Huawei's innovative patented technology IPCA enables the connectionless IP network to have the network quality perception function for the first time. It can detect the network quality point by point for any business flow at any time and place without additional cost, and realizes the great transformation from extensive operation and maintenance to precise operation and maintenance. With the help of Huawei esight network maintenance system, the quality status of each link in the network can be displayed in real time and intuitively for subway operation and maintenance personnel, so that the network quality is clear at a glance, Easily locate network faults

by adopting Huawei SVF super virtualization scheme, the access switch is virtualized into the board of the core switch, so that the network architecture of core + convergence + access switch can be virtualized into a logical device as a whole, and only one logical device needs to be managed on the management, so as to greatly reduce the workload of network operation and maintenance

smooth HD video, high bandwidth and large cache to ensure the

Metro CCTV system, which is connected to the HD surveillance cameras of all stations, and provides real-time video monitoring for the safe and efficient operation of the entire metro system. The transmission of video traffic takes up a lot of network bandwidth resources, especially when the video traffic surges at the peak of business, which puts forward high requirements for network bandwidth, cache and delay. Huawei agile switch s12700 has high bandwidth and large capacity cache capacity. A single port can support 200ms of data cache, and the port forwarding time is extended to microseconds. It can easily cope with the impact of sudden video traffic, ensure that video traffic does not lose packets, and ensure that the video business of CCTV system is clear and smooth

Xiamen Metro Line 1 will be officially put into operation in July. Huawei agile network will surely add wings to Xiamen rail transit and bring an unimpeded public transport environment to Xiamen citizens. At the same time, for the network management personnel of rail transit, they can be liberated from the complicated network operation and maintenance and focus on the value work of how to provide passengers with better services, Help Xiamen rail transit system develop into a passenger centered operation mode

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as the world's leading provider of information and communication (ICT) solutions, Huawei adheres to the vision of enriching people's communication and life, adheres to continuous innovation around customer needs, and open cooperation with partners. It has built an end-to-end solution advantage in the fields of telecommunications networks, enterprise networks, terminals, audio and video. Through 170000 dedicated Huawei people around the world, we are committed to creating the greatest value for operator customers, enterprise customers and consumers, and providing competitive ICT solutions, products and services. At present, Huawei's business covers more than 170 countries and regions around the world, serving more than 1/3 of the world's population. Huawei, founded in 1987, is a private enterprise with all shares held by employees to meet this environmental challenge

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