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Huawei agile network helps PICC P & C South Center open a new channel of informatization

PICC P & C is a core member and iconic main business of the world's top 500 people's insurance group of China. In 2016, the company achieved leapfrog development, with premium income exceeding 300billion yuan. PICC P & C always adheres to the leadership of the party, keeps in mind the historical mission of people's insurance to serve the people, adheres to market-oriented and customer-centered, actively performs politics, economy and society, is the promoter of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, and is a participant in national governance and social management, providing a strong insurance guarantee for economic development, social stability, national prosperity and people's happiness. PICC Property Insurance has made breakthroughs in its main businesses such as vehicle insurance, three rural insurance, catastrophe insurance, serious illness insurance, insurance, Inclusive Finance and poverty alleviation and agriculture support. The underwriting field has been continuously expanded, involving all fields of social production and people's life. It has formed a unique and distinctive core competitive advantage in the domestic property insurance market

with the rapid development of insurance business, the South Center, as a centralized and unified operation and management platform of the group company, needs to process a large amount of business data with geometric exponential growth. Therefore, it is necessary to build a robust network that is efficient, reliable, safe and can meet the future safety production needs of the center without changing the existing network and the classification and numerous structures of experimental machines in precision instrument testing equipment and without affecting the current business, And it is imperative

buildings that are ahead of the times need building materials that are ahead of the times

the South Center is a unified platform, which needs to centrally manage and fully mine the massive business data across the country, associate, integrate and process the customer information of each business unit, and support business development, strengthen risk prevention, and Enhance profitability and improve overall operational efficiency. It must have the ability to continuously evolve to the future, involving application software, servers, network devices and other aspects. Network is the blood transfusion system of this dynamic system, which connects all business nodes as a whole

traditional network products, cultivate and establish professional R & D teams, or have extensive bandwidth and forwarding capabilities, but lack some functional intelligence, or have a large number of functions but with expensive value. In either case, it is difficult to catch the evolution of network applications. If you want to do good work, you must first sharpen your tools. After investigating the products and solutions of many mainstream network equipment manufacturers in the industry, Huawei's agile switch s7700 entered the eyes of the South Center

equipment is the key to the robustness of the network

with the gradual increase of data access and the increasing requirements of network reliability, a single switch has been unable to meet the needs of multi service development. The network needs to achieve large amount of data forwarding and high network reliability through clusters. The switching hardware cluster technology adopted by the agile switch s7700 greatly improves the stability of the network equipment without occupying the service slot, and makes the cross frame data delay of the cluster only 4 s

in addition, the s7700 supports high-density boards such as 48*10ge and 16*40ge, which fully meet the needs of large bandwidth applications such as multimedia and data access. At the same time, it meets the needs of subsequent upgrading of Gaomi 100ge and protects investment

smooth cutover, R & D service escort

in order to ensure the smooth progress of the South Center upgrade project and build a new generation of data center network, Huawei has set up a special project team, organized a special project team, established a hierarchical communication mechanism, and formulated a reasonable schedule. Through the five processes of environmental research, planning and design, pilot implementation, training and promotion, strengthen the management and monitoring in the implementation to ensure the smooth and orderly implementation of the project. Relying on the strong R & D strength of Huahua in 2015, we organized on-site R & D support to ensure the smooth and smooth cutover of the project and complete the project delivery in advance

after the successful delivery of the project, PICC P & C will rely on the southern information center to further promote the integration and unification of customer resources, data analysis, telemarketing and other application systems in the direction of great unity, comprehensively implement the management and service mode of one brand, one platform, resource sharing and mutual support, and form a personalized, differentiated and responsive comprehensive customer service interface for the whole country

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