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Huawei and Benfica club signed a two-year technical cooperation agreement

ctiforum news on February 16 (Li Wenjie): Huawei, the world's leading provider of ICT solutions, recently signed a two-year technical cooperation agreement with Benfica club, one of Europe's largest football clubs. Through the signing of this agreement, Huawei officially became the official technical partner of the club. Huawei will build a WiFi network for 64000 fans at Benfica's Stadium of light

Benfica CEO Dominguez Suarez Oliveira said: Fan experience is one of our top priorities. I'm glad to be able to provide fans with high-speed wireless networks in the near future. Providing the best game on the pitch is what we need to focus on most. I believe this cooperation is the beginning of establishing a long-term and fruitful relationship with Huawei

we are glad to sign a two-year technical cooperation agreement with Benfica club, which will help us carry out new technical cooperation with Benfica club in the field of venue construction, so as to create greater sports and commercial value for the club. Chen Rengui, CEO of Huawei Portugal and Spain, said: in 2015, the dew point temperature of 5 ℃ is equivalent to an absolute moisture content of 0.0055g/kg. Huawei will achieve strategic development. We will focus on providing innovative ICT solutions and flagship products, and establish the brand image of Huawei's innovative and high-quality products. We will also strive to enhance Huawei's brand reputation in Portugal and the whole European region, and create new value and experience for customers in most environments through our products and solutions

Huawei agile venue solution can provide fans in the venue with anytime and anywhere connection, greatly improve the fans' watching experience, and help the venue achieve business value-added. Huawei aims to enrich people's communication and life, provide ubiquitous broadband, build a better connected world, and show Portugal its determination to continue to invest in this market. Pedro, Huawei's Portuguese marketing director? Ferreira said: Benfica club is a world-famous club, which has always maintained a good relationship with fans. The cooperative relationship established this time is a great opportunity for Huawei and Benfica club to develop together and achieve a win-win situation

CEO of Huawei Spain and Portugal, Chen Rengui, signed a cooperation agreement with Benfica Club CEO Dominguez Suarez Oliveira

one of the key projects signed by the two sides for cooperation is to deploy Huawei's agile Wi Fi solution at the stadium of light. High density user scenarios such as large stadiums, stations and exhibitions have always been a problem in the construction of Wi Fi networks in the industry. Through the 3D simulation planning tool, Huawei has made rigorous planning and design for the stadium, reasonably designed and installed access points, and without too much interference on the premise of ensuring perfect coverage. At the same time, through the application of a large number of high-density access technologies, each access point can carry more than 100 access terminals. The smart stadium business based on Wi Fi network is also under further planning. In the future, with the launch of parking navigation, gambling, shopping and other businesses, it will not only bring new revenue to the stadium, but also bring more business model innovation to the club to help it achieve business success. After the completion of the project, more than 64000 spectators of the stadium of light can enjoy the network while watching the game

Huawei's partnership with Benfica club this time is another important measure to achieve its growth goal in the ICT market, and it is fully in line with Huawei's strategy in the European market. At present, Huawei has established cooperative relations with several of the largest clubs in Europe when the equipment was first used and installed, including Dortmund, AJAX, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, technological innovation and utilization of AC meter plastic materials, LAN, rangers of Glasgow, Paris Saint Germain and other clubs

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