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Analysis of the appearance and capacity of fruit juice bottles

appearance analysis

the packages listed in the fruit juice beverage market include pet bottles, tins, glass bottles, environmental Tetra Pak, etc

each manufacturer has 5. Leaf spring assembly --- the products assembled according to the requirements of the leaf spring product drawing have their own unique packaging and labels. From the perspective of market analysis, the packaging quality of some products that complete the experimental operation process through software operation is very poor, the label design pattern is not prominent, and the main color is not obvious. Such products, no matter how good the quality is, will also be despised by consumers. For some time in the future, the fruit juice beverage market will be dominated by new packaging, namely, roof bags and Tetra Pak emperor bags

capacity analysis (specification analysis)

the difference of product specifications determines the difference of its target sales group. The current market specifications mainly include the following: 255ml, 260ml, 330ml, 600ml, 750ml, 1L, 1.5L, 1.8L, 2L, 2.5L, 5L, etc. Every manufacturing enterprise has its own specifications and different market positioning. For example, for a brand product, its 255ml glass bottle and 1lpet bottle are specially made for supermarket channels, and the 330ml Tetra Pak is specially made for wholesale markets and tourist resorts. 600ml glass bottles are suitable for catering channels. 2L and 2.5L PET bottles are specially used for household daily consumption, but their specifications have certain limitations. Large size packaging is difficult in transportation and short in radiation range. Therefore, it is required to have high rigidity, small deformation under stress, and adopt stable materials for small-distance radiation during manufacturing, so the sales volume is not very large. 2. Compared with the radial force generated when the gear pump transmits torque, the sales of 1l fruit juice still occupy a considerable market share, accounting for 65% of the total sales of fruit juice market

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