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Huawei and Youtu worked together to 4K

Huawei and Youku Tudou, as well as operators, TV manufacturers, Sony and other partners, held a 4K content and technology seminar. At the meeting, the 4K Garden brand was released, and Huawei and Youtu jointly launched the 4K joint laboratory to build a new 4K ecosystem

according to Yao Jian, CTO of Youku Tudou and President of cloud entertainment Bu, the huge growth in the number of Youku local enterprises in 2015 has made the development of 4K an important direction. In 4K video, the dash scheme of h.265 coding and audio-video separation is adopted, which improves the 4K definition and audio experience. This time Youku Tudou contributed content, Huawei and Sony provided technology and hardware, and jointly built a 4K new ecosystem

At the launch meeting of 4K joint laboratory, Huawei and Youku earth ye (5) 0 pressure testing machine have a certain stock in China, and they also jointly released 4K joint laboratory. The initial research direction of the laboratory will focus on the research and verification of u-vmos. Where is the manufacturer of experimental machines? Optimize the application of h.265 and h.266 coding technology related to 4K video, and publish the research results

in the 4K standard link, Huawei and standards organizations jointly promote a complete set of video experience measurement and evaluation standards u-vmos; In the transmission link, Huawei has launched a complete set of 4K solutions covering the end, pipe and cloud. The domestic situation will promote more enterprises to go abroad to comprehensively ensure users' 4K video experience. Under the same network conditions, combined with h.265 and other coding technologies, it can provide users with better video experience; In addition, Huawei also provides a storage solution for 4K ultra-high definition video, eliminating the storage islands of traditional architecture, improving content production efficiency and reducing management costs

4k garden can provide 3000 hours of 4K content in 2017

in addition, 4K content service platform, 4K garden, was also launched at the press conference. 4K garden has complete 4K recording equipment, first-class pre and post production teams, a wide range of partners and reliable channel guarantees. In addition, it actively cooperates with radio and television operators at all levels and video operators at home and abroad to provide content partners with comprehensive services from content collection to production, production to sales, transcoding to distribution

Wu Yi, general manager of Youku potato Ott, CEO of universal oneness and founder of 4K garden, said that 4K garden is expected to produce and provide more than 3000 hours of 4K content every year from 2017

the combination of Youku Tudou, Huawei, operators, Sony and other TV manufacturers, as well as the launch of 4K garden and 4K joint laboratory have achieved the combination of content and technology, and established a new 4K video ecosystem from production to content distribution and experience standard release

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