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Huawei and fanplay jointly released value-added solutions for agile venues

the bottom line of government environmental regulation has fallen again. Recently, Huawei formed a partnership with fanplay, a European cloud service digital content provider (finalogic business technologies and tends to be younger), and jointly released value-added solutions for agile venues for wireless stadiums, Provide high-speed wireless connection and mobile value-added services for sports venues and clubs

ctiforum, July 24 (Li Wenjie): Huawei, the world's leading provider of information and communication solutions, announced today that it has formed a partnership with fanplay (finalogic Business Technologies), a European cloud service digital content provider, in the field of agile venues, and jointly released agile venue value-added solutions for wireless stadiums, It provides high-speed wireless connection and mobile value-added services for sports venues and top clubs, improves the fans' watching experience through the intelligent terminal business platform, and creates a new operation mode

jerzy wasowicz, vice president of sales of fanplay, said: the combination of fanplay and Huawei's agile network can jointly provide intelligent and high-quality applications for venues, and the two can work together to ensure the security of key applications, especially mobile payment services. In the future, fanplay will carry out more project cooperation with Huawei

when the mobile consumption mode is popular, the stadium has become a dead corner of network connectivity. At present, stadiums and gymnasiums generally lack digital marketing and services. Fans hope to participate in more interactions, learn about real-time digital statistics, watch wonderful game moments in time, and the digital and mobile needs of fans, which are the business development trend of venues in the future

based on the development trend of future venues, the cooperation between fanplay and Huawei came into being. With the respective advantages of fanplay's many smart mobile applications and Huawei's agile network, it can help clubs provide personalized services for their customers and increase new sources of income for clubs and sports venues

fanplay (finalogic Business Technologies) is a cloud service digital content provider with branches in Vienna, Austria and London. Fanplay provides a simple and secure mobile cash solution based on smart terminals without adding any cards or payment terminals. The company's international expert team provides solutions and support in this field to the entire European market. As a leader in the field of mobile consumption and payment, fanplay and Huawei can work together to build a complete mobile application platform for venues, including quiz China's recent comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable scientific concept of development as the guiding ideology, video broadcasting and playback, interactive games, mixing pvc+ wood flour and other plant fiber mixtures, consumption, fast food and beverage consumption, electronic tickets, sponsor news, product sales and other services. Moreover, the information obtained by clubs and venues through this platform can also provide fans with more convenience and personalized mobile business interaction, and tap more business opportunities and needs

Huawei's agile network solution realizes high-density user access through wireless high-density features (Auto Radio, HD boost, airtime dynamic time scheduling, etc.) and professional network planning, ensuring that 100% of users in venues access at the same time. Through the big data analysis capability and dynamic resource scheduling of agile controller, even in the face of a large number of terminals, security threats can be strangled in the cradle, which not only protects the resources of the stadium, but also guards the commercial profits of the venue. More importantly, the business entourage will centrally control the strategy and business experience, and through the identification of identity and business, achieve the fine control of the terminal, ensure the quality of VIP users and key businesses, and provide more resources to high-value users and businesses, so as to ensure the user business experience and bring revenue to the venue at the same time

fanplay and Huawei have jointly applied the solution to a well-known football venue in the UK. Fanplay has obtained the right to operate the network business of the venue, provided mobile applications and data platforms including mobile payment for venues and clubs, and selected Huawei to deploy high-density Wi Fi coverage for the venue

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