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Hengshui will implement the market access system for food packaging materials

recently, Hengshui Quality Supervision Bureau learned that the city will implement the market access system for 39 kinds of plastic packaging, containers, tools and other products for food in the near future. In the next two years, the market access system will be gradually implemented for food packaging products made of metal, paper, ceramics and other materials in batches

it is reported that the contact materials of food packaging have an important impact on food safety. When poor quality food contact materials are used repeatedly for a long time, toxic and harmful substances will migrate to food, which will lead to chronic poisoning after consumption and accumulation, which is particularly detrimental to the growth and development of children and adolescents

in March this year, Hengshui City carried out a special investigation on the basic situation of food packaging containers and tool manufacturers. The results show that nearly two-thirds of the existing food packaging production enterprises in the city are small enterprises, many of which are poorly equipped and lack quality control means in the production process. For this reason, the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, pressing head and support block has 3. The impact of wood flour selection on the mechanical properties of products. The person in charge of Guan said: when enterprises apply for market access, there is a certain transition period. After the transition period, production enterprises that have not obtained access will not be able to produce again. Enterprises that can meet the expanded functional requirements and customer business objectives and pass the market access review can use the QS mark on the product packaging. Enterprises are not allowed to use unlicensed plastic packaging, containers, tools, etc. for food production in the new factory, which will be separated from Alcoa's traditional commodity business

source: Hebei Hengshui business window

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