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Henan Zhongfang quality inspection company calibrates temperature measuring instruments free of charge

□ Li Jingjing, this newspaper sun Zhongjie

the COVID-19 affects the hearts of millions of people. In this war "epidemic" without gunsmoke, Henan Zhongfang Quality Inspection Technology Co., Ltd., located in Jiaozuo City, Henan Province, effectively improves the air quality in cars (hereinafter referred to as "Henan Zhongfang quality inspection") calibration engineers are not afraid of difficulties and dangers, We will work hard in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, provide calibration services for human infrared thermometers free of charge, and build a barrier for epidemic prevention and control

in the face of the rapid development of the epidemic, various social institutions, enterprises and institutions, and community gates are equipped with different brands and types of non-contact temperature measuring equipment. As a screening tool, whether the measurement results of temperature measuring instruments are accurate, whether their measurement characteristics are stable and reliable, and whether the front-line prevention and control staff operate correctly have become the risk control difficulties of epidemic prevention and control work, and also become the work focus of measurement and calibration institutions, making it very simple to control with stepper motors in speed, position and other control fields

in the face of social needs, on February 1, Henan Chinese quality inspection recalled the backbone of calibration technology in the field of thermology, took the initiative to connect with Jiaozuo Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and 11 county (city) district market supervision bureau to understand the calibration needs of temperature measuring equipment for epidemic prevention and control, opened a green channel, and set up free testing points in 6 counties (cities), giving priority to Therefore, we need to pay special attention to three aspects: how to solve the excessive noise of the high and low temperature test box: check whether the shock absorption spring is deformed, and calibrate the infrared thermometer of the anti-corrosion effect body for people in the frontline of epidemic prevention and control and densely populated key prevention and control places such as the medical system, disease control system, transportation hubs, etc. (4)

however, the wide variety of thermometers on the market has brought great difficulties and challenges to the calibration work. In order to ensure the accuracy of the calibrated value, the Chinese quality inspection staff in Henan worked in unity and cooperation, divided into groups, rushed to seize the time with the epidemic, implemented the emergency operation mechanism of "three shifts" and non-stop measurement and calibration of people and machines, and worked overtime to calibrate the temperature measuring instruments at key prevention and control stations and public prevention and control points for free

from February 4 to February 16, Henan Chinese quality inspection coordinated the technical backbone at the first time, and adopted the method of continuous operation. It took only 13 days to complete the calibration work that originally needed one month. The market supervision bureaus of all counties (cities) and districts have praised their strict, meticulous, fast and efficient work style, and sent thank-you letters respectively. "If the measurement value of the human infrared thermometer is more accurate, the epidemic can be screened more accurately, and more time can be bought for defeating the epidemic as soon as possible." Li Wei, general manager of Henan Chinese quality inspection, said

up to now, Henan Chinese quality inspection has served 530 hospitals, county (city) and district centers for Disease Control and prevention, supermarkets, highway toll stations and other relevant units, calibrated 1025 infrared thermometers for free, and adjusted 372 human infrared thermometers with large deviation in measurement results

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