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In the "her economy" of the automotive aftermarket, tmall oil took the lead in seizing the opportunity

the "her economy" of the automotive aftermarket, and tmall oil took the lead in seizing the opportunity

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in 2007, "her economy" was officially stamped and approved by the Ministry of education as one of 171 new words. To a certain extent, this is attributed to the awakening of social consciousness - social issues about women are becoming more and more profound and multidimensional: the attention of minority and sensitive topics such as body freedom, older leftover women and menstrual poverty is increasing day by day, and the attention of social consciousness to women is also reflected in economic life

"cure all ills", lipstick marketing and the marketing activities necessary for every female related holiday are all highlighting the attention of businesses from all walks of life to the female market. From clothing and makeup in the traditional female strong consumption field to drinks and games with relatively few female users, they are all targeting the female market, and the automotive industry is no exception

according to the 2020 female car users' insight report released by the China Automobile Circulation Association, the number of female car users increased by 64% from February to October 2020 alone. Among them, young female car users accounted for the vast majority, with post-80s and post-90s car owners accounting for 85%

women of this age group are also the main force in the workplace and family. They are busy with work during the day and return to their families at night, trying to maintain the balance between life and the workplace, and it is difficult to have their own free time. Although it is always said that there is always time to squeeze the water in the sponge, the little time left should be allocated to self-study and rare shopping. If you invest time in car maintenance, I'm afraid squeezing the sponge again is also a clever woman who can't make bricks without straw. A major pain point for women to maintain their cars is gradually emerging - they have the financial strength to buy cars, but do not understand the time strength of car maintenance

after having an insight into this phenomenon, tmall engine oil took advantage of the east wind of the Queen's day of March 8th to propose that # I should control my life # not being controlled by life # and advocate that women become the protagonists of their own lives, leave professional things to professional people, and save time and energy to love themselves. It is the wisest choice for independent women to control their lives

from March 5 to 8, tmall engine oil and famous brands jointly shot a group of creative short films. In the video, they selected several characteristics of their target users, including elite women, cool and sassy young girls, and smart and versatile mothers. They talked about the three selling points of the product in an exaggerated and interesting way, "assured quality", "convenient and worry free service" and "ultra-high sex price ratio". In the face of different needs of different groups, tmall oil chose to link the crowd with the story. And put the video into the two most active channels of the target population - Weibo and official account, achieving the peak sales of engine oil category in the Queen's day

creative scene setting can arouse users' emotional resonance and accurately capture their needs. Under the background of women's self-awareness awakening, more and more independent women flock to the workplace and family. Tmall engine oil uses three outstanding women in the conventional male group: Jesse combs, the fastest female driver on the surface, Agatha Christie, a famous British female detective novelist Marie Curie, twice Nobel laureate. It may be difficult for ordinary women to recall the achievements of these three, but breaking the Convention, as women, the spirit of being able to master all aspects of life is worthy of our respect and learning

in the video, three very different female roles are combined with the identity of the target group:

independent women pursue excellence in the quality of life. What they want is products that can save life, and the improvement of product quality is not trouble. They are more concerned about the quality of the product, whether it matches the model, and the guarantee of authentic products, which are important factors for them to make purchase decisions, just like scientists' strict requirements and careful comparison of ingredients

with the emergence of a large number of year-old young car owners, the whole automobile market is becoming younger and younger. The new generation of car owners have diversified lifestyles, pursue freedom, and like freedom. They are free and easy racing drivers in life. For them, ease of mind and convenience are a major factor

at the same time, women play the role of family consumption decision-makers. They know that money is hard won, and they must spend every penny to the extreme. When women consume, reassuring quality is an important factor, and price is another weight to promote purchase. Like detectives in the consumer society, they spread the universe and shop around just to find the best solution

and these three women have a common identity - consumers, under the premise of their own excellence

tmall engine oil describes the three pain points of consumers in the purchase process: "fear of buying fake and inferior products", "fear of buying engine oil to install by yourself" and "fear of buying expensive". Quality scientists use experimental means to choose health, which is always the focus of attention, and choose the best oil, but they find that the product always fails to meet the highest standard; The racing driver who pursues speed comes on the stage, but his car reminds him of the need for maintenance. The race field that pursues efficiency is in great trouble; Cost effective detectives are constantly arranging and combining on the blackboard, but they can't choose an optimal solution of price and time

when the three women were at a loss in the face of choice, Ding Dong jumped out of the prompt tone and found that the product that was the most suitable for them was tmall. Introduce the three selling points of the product, "assured quality", "convenient and worry free service" and "ultra-high cost performance", so that consumers can understand the characteristics of the product and dare to buy with confidence

multi channel precise launch, Taobao internal and external linkage publicity and distribution

19 KOL and tmall auto official blogs with high traffic and high activity jointly participated in # not being dominated by life # I want to control life # hot topics on March 1, and expressed their support for tmall engine oil. The final harvest is 110million exposure and nearly 5million videos. The big V of official account released an article on the afternoon of the 4th to support tmall engine oil. Queen's day = spoiled day, is to spoil you

planting grass in soft text greatly enhances consumers' trust in a service they have never been in contact with. Tmall engine oil, together with 50 media in the automotive industry, jointly released the article "stop selling anxiety, who says independent women need to be omnipotent" on March 4. By reducing the pressure of independent women's life and taking real control of life, tmall engine oil moved the inner feelings of female consumers, increased the coverage of publicity groups, and further promoted consumption

at the same time, through the guidance of official account for Taobao dome word # Queen's control # users with purchase desire and demand can enter the special event as long as they open Taobao Search # Queen's control # and Weibo users can directly enter the event page by clicking on the page link on the platform, and check the engine oil dictionary for quick solving life troubles jointly presented by tmall engine oil and major brands

in this sincere treasure book, we can be surprised to see that the "straight man" oil brands in our eyes usually care about women in all aspects in this activity. Only in gifts, the brands are also full of tricks: boutique aromatherapy, thermos cups, snack gift bags. There are emotional links and care between brands and consumers. What we see here is not the indifferent trading relationship, but the brand's care and consideration for users, which brings users a more careful life

the cost-effective user groups are all cost-effective and cost-effective groups, which are highly consistent with the target users of tmall engine oil. Users can directly enter the first brand through the cost-effective page

shorten the search and consumption path of taonei users, and combine it with jucost's consistent image of being able to buy in the provincial capital, to bring users tmall engine oil, that is, worry free and guaranteed psychological perception

when consumers jump to the favorite store to buy products through the activity page, they can see the visual design synchronously added by the activity partner for the Queen's day on March 8th on the home page of the store. In the form of linkage release between brands, the multi-point exposure activity information effectively conveys the deep cooperation relationship with tmall engine oil to consumers, enhances consumers' trust in the platform and brand side, and further stimulates consumers to place orders

through all-round channels, dome word, jucost-effective, store home page, and multiple resource points in taonei are jointly launched. On the basis of good information transmission, it brings users more concessions and practical experience than expected. Whether in terms of emotional interaction or promotional efforts, tmall engine oil can be said to meet the needs of users at one time

to meet the market demand for high-performance materials, online and offline event linkage - touch the hearts of women and impress users with warm marketing

head of B2C platform of tmall Automotive Aftermarket: Le Zhai

surprise for female users

of course, this women's day, tmall engine oil will not forget to surprise female users. They sent the head of tmall automotive aftermarket, During the holiday, I made a special drive to give three lucky users a wonderful box customized by shell. Behind the gifts and surprises is the brand's temperature and attitude, and they have established a two-way emotional link with users

tmall engine oil continues to work in the car aftermarket circuit

in the "analysis report on women's consumption characteristics in", we can find two factors that women pay most attention to when shopping. The first is cost performance, followed by quality. Tmall engine oil has firmly grasped the two major consumer psychology of women, and thus has a strong position in the forefront of the purchase ranking of female users in the automotive aftermarket

far sighted tmall engine oil is not only satisfied with the successful marketing of Queen's day, but also knows that women will play an important role in the future automotive aftermarket. In the future, they will also launch more fine products and services for female users: combine the consumption habits of female groups, carry out brand cross-border and joint branding, such as trying to cooperate with beauty and skin care brands; Fit women's preferences, bring more wonderful box customization, and launch gifts suitable for female users; In the future, tmall engine oil will further enhance the self broadcast and short videos of stores and manual shopping guides to assist female car owners in making judgments and choices

for tmall engine oil, the deeper implication of "her economy" is that from extensive marketing to the era of refinement, they need to provide more humanized products and services according to different target consumers, especially female consumers, in order to remain invincible among similar brands with fierce competition

women who play the role of consumers will gain more choices in "her economy". From the past, they had to be brave enough to understand all unfamiliar things to now, they can complete the operation independently by choosing a specialized platform. The hard time can finally be used to pursue the life you dream of. This is the real sense of # controlling life #

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