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More than 130 years after the invention of automobile, China's automobile industry seems to see the dawn of overtaking in curves. When the wave of electrification, integration, intelligence and sharing swept the automotive industry, Chinese car companies fighting locally understood the needs of consumers more deeply and responded more quickly, and were able to quickly find strong cross-border industry partners in China. SAIC and Alibaba have joined hands, GAC and Tencent have joined hands, and Chang'an automobile has also joined hands with Huawei, Baidu, iFLYTEK and other technology enterprises to work towards intelligent connected electric vehicles. The cooperation between Hubei Henglong group and Zhiyuan Internet, a leading enterprise in China's collaborative management software, has made this leading enterprise in China's auto parts steering gear industry a big step towards intellectualization

Hubei Henglong group has developed the first rack and pinion steering gear in China, becoming the first spare parts enterprise in China to export automotive class a assembly safety parts to developed countries. So far, Hang Lung Group has obtained more than 430 patents, including 21 invention patents. Henglong group has focused on the R & D and manufacturing of automotive steering system for more than 20 years. Its products have entered FAW Volkswagen, FAW Jiefang, DPCA, Dongfeng Motor, Beijing Foton, Brilliance Jinbei, Shaanxi heavy truck, China heavy truck, SAIC General Motors Wuling, Jiangling Ford, Chery, BYD and Chang'an Automobile in the international market, Henglong group has successfully entered the supporting system of famous auto manufacturers such as Chrysler (the only auto parts assembly exported to the United States in China), Fiat, Ford, general motors, Volvo, AvtoVAZ, etc. it is one of the largest, most diversified and most powerful auto steering system manufacturers in China, and has been awarded the leading enterprise of China's auto parts steering industry by the China Association of automobile manufacturers

however, before cooperating with Zhiyuan Internet, problems such as decentralized information management system and low final work efficiency once made Hang Lung Group miserable. Chen, head of the Information Department of Hang Lung Group, said that collaborative management software is the most basic and important part of enterprise information management, and has high requirements for simplicity and flexibility of operation. If the operation is too complex and the expansion is not flexible, it will not only bring a lot of inconvenience to the leadership, but also affect the overall operation efficiency. After investigating other collaborative software manufacturers in the market, we finally chose Zhiyuan Internet. First of all, the configuration of collaborative management software of Zhiyuan Internet is flexible, which can meet our new needs of rapid expansion and meet the management changes of the group company; Secondly, because Zhiyuan collaborative operation is simple, it does not need very professional personnel to operate, and all staff can participate in management; Thirdly, as an old service provider that has operated for 16 years, Zhiyuan Internet has sufficient experience and high market share. It is a leader in the same industry, and we can trust it

Zhiyuan collaboration breaks the shackles of supplier control

so how does Zhiyuan Internet solve the management problems of Hang Lung Group

Minister Chen said: as a group company, the company's regional business is relatively scattered. In the traditional management process of project management, supplier management, personnel management and so on, multi platform operation is required, which brings a lot of inconvenience and loss to the management. Since using Zhiyuan collaboration A8 V6.0 group edition, we have built a unified business application cluster based on Zhiyuan collaboration and using business generator as a tool, avoiding the situation that users need to deal with work in multiple systems in the process, and realizing the combination of vertical business process and horizontal approval process. The purpose of our production of this marine plastic sole is to provide everyone in this industry with a management means of demonstration and combination. It effectively solves the management problems of supplier management, project management and control, QAD synchronization, personnel management and so on

before using the collaborative system of Zhiyuan Internet, the procurement department of Henglong group and the procurement department of professional companies, a total of more than 100 people, need to complete the communication with suppliers in time before the 15th every month, and then determine the purchase order. Moreover, due to the poor timeliness of supplier feedback information, the efficiency of the manual comment system is very low, and there are often great differences in the connection with suppliers, affecting the progress of business. In terms of communication with suppliers, Hang Lung Group needs to determine the specific content of the purchase order by email. For different procurement needs, the group needs to record the supplier problems in detail, manually classify and summarize, and calculate the score rating, which seriously delays the project progress

after the launch of Zhiyuan collaborative management system, Hang Lung Group set up a procurement center. The procurement specialist can select the appropriate form of report through the automatic screening of the platform, and complete the filling of supplier information in the report in time, so that the monthly order can be confirmed within 3 days. All purchase reports can be viewed in real time in the platform system, and an evaluation system can be built with reference to the supplier evaluation system, so that the feedback information and evaluation of production lines, logistics terminals and suppliers can be automatically generated

purchase order of supplier management

import form of comprehensive business evaluation of suppliers

Zhiyuan Internet provides a unified supplier management platform for Hang Lung Group, so that the project confirmation, evaluation communication and procurement information of suppliers are completed within the system. According to different supplier requirements, the system can also generate a user account specially responsible for the supplier, and a special person will collect and record the detailed information of the supplier, import the information into the form in real time, and automatically split and send it to the supplier to avoid information attenuation. This greatly reduces the original labor cost and greatly improves the work efficiency

relying on the cooperation of Zhiyuan, the project implementation plan for the next year will be completed in one minute.

in addition, in terms of the group's project management, due to the lack of information management, Hang Lung Group needs to hold at least five project special regular meetings every week to explain the progress summary report and follow-up work plan. Now all processes can be held in real time through the Zhiyuan collaboration platform, and only one project symposium is needed every week to solve technical difficulties. Through Zhiyuan collaboration platform, Hang Lung Group has reduced the delay rate of development projects of previous non key customers from 35% to 10%

space display of project management

project archives - basic information

for the control of different project schedules, Zhiyuan collaborative management system divides the project categories into level-1 plans and level-2 plans. According to the reference archives, special personnel can quickly arrange, and the project implementation plan for the next year can be completed in one minute. On different node dates, the system will automatically remind relevant personnel. Moreover, after all project materials are unified into the platform system, the system opens data resources according to permissions, and improves the integrity of project documents from only 20% to 100%. So that all project processes of the whole group can be displayed on the platform, and the progress is clear at a glance. The person in charge of different stages and the detailed information in the process will be split and summarized in the system. Zhiyuan collaboration has truly completed the hierarchical management of the project and task push, so that the project work is broken down from unit to department to individual level, and closed in an orderly manner, so that things can be found and urged

ubiquitous data linkage, full life cycle personnel management

in the personnel management of Hang Lung Group, Zhiyuan Internet provides an intelligent personnel management platform. In the original system, the rules of employee job number are complex, and the job number calculation of new employees is as cumbersome as a mental game; The information summary of more than 5000 employees of the group is not in place, and there are many loopholes; Employee performance, contract and leave information are scattered in various tables, so it is very difficult to make statistics. It takes 4 working days and 5 departments to complete the new employee's induction. The human resources department often needs to allocate specific time every six months to arrange special personnel to deal with employee information, including the employee's Department, position, company and whether he is on the job

the job number of personnel management is automatically generated

for the above pain points, Zhiyuan collaboration provides convenient management measures. New employees can complete the registration and login of the company account and the account opening of the collaboration and QAD integration part in only 2 working days. Through the use of employee registration forms in energy storage power supply systems such as wind power generation and solar power plants, some complicated work collection has become simple and clear. In order to collect the employee files more conveniently after the employees are employed, the system collects all the information of the employees on the employee information registration form, which greatly facilitates the management work of the human resources department and saves time and cost

Minister Chen said that since the cooperation between Hang Lung Group and Zhiyuan Internet in January 2017, Zhiyuan collaboration has greatly improved the office efficiency, effectively improved the audit management level and reduced the office expenses for the group in terms of information-based administration. Moreover, in terms of business system configuration, Zhiyuan collaboration makes the group's project monitoring management, supplier management, human resource management, financial control, etc. more intelligent, laying a solid foundation for the new four modernizations of automobile in the future. For the future, Hang Lung Group hopes to further refine the management of suppliers, R & D management, budget management, etc. based on the Zhiyuan collaborative management platform. Zhiyuan Internet will also continue to make long-term plans for Hang Lung Group, help Hang Lung Group to be one step ahead of its competitors on the road of information upgrading, and provide a more favorable guarantee for the company's business development

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