Henan Yulin glass, the hottest Taiwan funded enter

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Taiwan funded enterprise Henan Yulin glass officially settled in Zhumadian, Henan Province recently, Taiwan funded enterprise Henan Yulin Glass Co., Ltd. officially settled in Shangcai County, Zhumadian, Henan Province. The company is funded by Taiwan Yancheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. and plans to invest 190million yuan. At present, it has completed the investment of 69million yuan. The layout of four production lines in the standardized plant has also been completed. Equipment such as quality control inspection, cleaning, high-temperature furnace, real ◆ large experimental force, large-diameter nylon rope air degassing, seal welding and so on are waiting to be installed. The company's leading products are high-grade glass, project fine glass and its products processing passive houses, efficient use of sunlight Internal heat source and heat recovery. Zhonghua glass (but it is often sometimes called detector, tester, tensile machine, testing equipment, tester, etc.)

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