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Who is Zhu shangzu in the semiconductor industry? Who is he? He once served as the general manager of MediaTek's consumer electronics business unit and digital camera chip business unit. Later, in 2010, his resume intelligent business unit laid the foundation for the peak of MediaTek's business from chip design to the establishment of turn key scheme. Later, he served as the joint operation officer. However, because MediaTek failed to attack the high-end scheme, he resigned in July this year and became a consultant to show his responsibility

why did Zhu shangzu go to Xiaomi? Some media said that Xiaomi ecosystem will add AI elements in the future. If Huawei Kirin takes the path, it is entirely possible for Zhu shangzu to be a pioneer general

the reason why this news made the media adopt the "shocking" title is that most people can't guess that Zhu shangzu will go to Xiaomi

another shocking event of semiconductor "transfer" was the news that "Liang Mengsong joined SMIC" not long ago. The official of SMIC said: "the news is untrue". However, a false news made SMIC's share price rise all the way, soaring by 12.17%. This drama gradually evolved into "SMIC International announced the appointment of Zhao Haijun and Dr. Liang Mengsong as the joint CEO and executive director of the company."

the big guy was obviously recruited for the mass production of 14 nm FinFET process technology. In the recent SMIC international online law conference, the official also said that Liang Mengsong would spend two years to help SMIC catch up with the 14 nm FinFET process generation by generation. The industry believes that it is a challenge, but it is not impossible, because it has been prepared for a long time, and is looking forward to and will continue to pay attention to it. A recent article in Taiwan's media entitled "the strength and pressure of Taiwan's semiconductor talents to move westward" also used the words "dig people and dig technology to advance TSMC", saying that after liang Mengsong joined SMIC, he has the opportunity to quickly improve the yield of SMIC's 28nm process, and even squeeze the market penetration of 28nm, including TSMC, which is bound to pose a threat to other competitors

it can be seen that at present, China's semiconductor industry needs "heroes to make the times", and the introduction of "Heroes" strategy is actually familiar to China's semiconductor industry. It pays a lot of money to recruit talents, increases the annual salary by 3-10 times, has a house and a car, and promises to solve the problem of children's education. Is it tempting

according to South Korean media reports, a South Korean who used to be an executive of Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix set up a semiconductor company in his own name in Taiwan, China two years ago. The company, called semiconductor consulting company, is actually a human resource outsourcing company that transports Korean semiconductor talents according to the requirements of enterprises in Greater China. The Korean's role is as an intermediary. From the domestic perspective, the enterprise HC performance "plus" is the strongest HC material industry designed by Pregis to use air preservation properties to protect heavy objects. Talents are recruited from the industry and sent to enterprises in Chinese Mainland. In this way, the headhunting industry has also become an important part of China's semiconductor industry chain

trendforce's Tuo Industry Research Institute pointed out that the purchase of ziguanghai from Fujian Hongxin fund was repeatedly blocked, and the acquisition of Germany elstrong by Fujian Hongxin fund was also postponed due to the attitude of the U.S. government to consolidate our position in the field of high-performance plastics. The observation of events showed that under the general concern of the world, it would be more difficult for China to obtain technology and market resources through mergers and acquisitions in the future, but technology is the core competitiveness of the development of IC industry, If the road of mergers and acquisitions is difficult, the pace of talent introduction is bound to accelerate

talent has become an important tactic of China's semiconductor industry. We need semiconductor "Heroes" who step on the "colorful auspicious clouds"

times make heroes

since 1993, the top position of semiconductor manufacturers has been occupied by Intel until the second quarter of this year, Samsung was suddenly killed and found to adopt the standard double prescription system (900 ℃ 2H out. According to a forecast article by IC insights on November 20, Intel ranked first with 11.8% market share in 2006. In 2017, Intel's sales are expected to account for 13.9% of the entire semiconductor market, down from 15.6% in 2016. By contrast, Samsung accounted for 3.8% of the global semiconductor market share in 1993, 7.3% in 2006, 12.1% in 2016, and is expected to reach 15.0% in 2017 。 Therefore, Samsung will rank first in the semiconductor sales list this year

finally, the main reason for Samsung's sharp increase in sales is the amazing increase in the average price of DRAM and NAND flash memory. This era that pushed memory to the center of the stage created Samsung

due to the crazy growth of memory in 2017, South Korea has become the fastest-growing country in the global semiconductor field. According to the prediction of icinsight in October 2017, the NAND flash memory market grew strongly by 44% in 2017, and the DRAM market increased by 74%. Under the two-phase support, the IC market will achieve a strong growth of 22% in 2017

before, some foreign analysts completely denied the "view that the price fell due to the expansion of memory capacity". From a technical point of view, they said that the computing mode has experienced a process from processor centric to storage centric. Von Neumann computing has reached the performance limit, and the new memory centric computing mode will actively develop and replace it

in fact, you can find that any article about memory can't run under the name of Samsung. The more and more good news about memory makes Samsung seem more and more depressed. It has to be said that the current situation has created it

if you want some more shocking examples, it must be the rise of heroes in the era of artificial intelligence

it is reported that as of November 17, the share prices of three AI concept stocks doubled during the year, with fuhanwei, Hikvision and iFLYTEK rising 181.64%, 154.57% and 148.68% respectively. Moreover, excluding the secondary new shares listed during the year, the total market value of 33 AI concept stocks increased from 587.325 billion yuan at the beginning of the year to 858.979 billion yuan on November 17, an increase of 46.25%

it's really less interesting to say that your product doesn't add AI "seasoning". Nearby, for example, the kylin 970 in the glory V10 released yesterday, with the powerful medicine of artificial intelligence, it is beautiful in both performance and advertising

not long ago, Glassdoor, an American employment station, analyzed the work related to artificial intelligence (AI) on its station to plan the average annual salary of the industry. Glassdoor found that among the current recruitment positions in the AI industry, the average annual salary is about $111000 (about 734000 yuan), while the basic salary of full-time employees in the United States is $51000 (about 337000 yuan), a difference of more than twice. This attractiveness is more exciting than any advertising language

the era led the development of the semiconductor industry in its own way, and then heroes came out in large numbers. This is the time to create heroes

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